Firebrook Poms
We care about quality.
Firebrook Puppies
Firebrook Poms puppies are especially cute.

Take a look at these babies smiling for the camera!

Puppy Litters

Puppies fresh from the oven~ get 'em while they are hot!

We are always very excited about our new batches of puppies!

Whether you are looking for a top show quality dog or a loving family pet, Firebrook Poms has just the puppy for you.

 Firebrook puppies will not be available for purchase until they are at least 12 weeks old. This is to ensure each puppy the utmost attention to socialization and individual handling. During this period, of course all shots and worming are administered, as well as proper nutrition, examinations and eventually weining
as our babies each grow and develop in to a genuine lovable Firebrook Pom!!!!

Firebrook Males

Hawk and RummyFB Mark of the Midnight Sun,FB Mark of the Midnight Sun
Firebrook Show Quality Males

Firebrook Females

Pretty Girl...
Firebrook Show Quality Females

FB Canadian Sunset
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