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Firebrook Poms

1310 Walkup Avenue
Monroe, NC 28110
Ph: 704-289-2021


Puppy Luv Pet Grooming


-Grooming Services
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1310 Walk Up Ave
Monroe, NC 28110
Ph: 704-282-0745


Firebrook Poms would like to recognize the contributions to this website and the Firebrook Kennel.

Clint Benton - Unending support of the Firebrook Kennel and Puppy Luv

Dr. Jesse Thompson DVM -  We especially would like to thank Dr. Thompson for all his help at all hours of the day and night. Dr Thompson's invaluable services goes a long way towards making what we do at Firebrook Poms possible.

Rachel Garcia - Pomeranian Photography and Website Design.

Tom Weigand - Photography

Pomeranian Review - February 2005

Pom Reader Magazine -June 2005

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Puppy Find . Com


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